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Jade Reapers join the Aurora Glade Tequatl Raid!

Written by Xicer on . Posted in Guild News

Gather up Reapers! Tequatl is going berserk on Aurora Glade and it's time to stop him! The Guilds of Aurora Glade decided to work together and bring an end to his terror!


We will gather on the official AG Community TeamSpeak in the #Tequatl Raiders channel where we will explain the tactics, form groups and get ready to smash his face!


The fight won't be held on AG but on an overflow server that we will try to prepare before the event starts (explanation on TeamSpeak) so everyone interested will get a taxi to the right overflow!


Everything will take place on September 20th - Friday 17:00 GMT+2/CET and September 21th - Saturday 10:00 GMT+2/CET!


If you are joining this fight let us know by leaving a vote in the poll on the forums!

Guild PvP Tournament!

Written by Xicer on . Posted in Guild News

Get ready Reapers! We have been hosting daily PvP arenas for all of you to test your skills and get into PvP, but now its time to prove yourself!


Jade Reapers will be doing a small Guild Tournament which will have 3 brackets Amateur, Pro and Hardcore Face Smasher so everyone gets a fair chance of winning!


For all information and how to apply visit our forums here.

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