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Activity - Crazy Dance Contest
« on: June 28, 2013, 08:36:44 pm »
 :D How it will work:

I will announce the start of the first round then all that people will need to do to take part, is come up with the most creative emote-spam-cancel-loops. Our JD judges then pick a top 10 from everyone taking part for round 2.

Then round 2 where, from those 10, JD judges pick a final 3.

For the final round, in true b-boy style, we'll line up the 3 finalists to do their thing, and the crowd will vote by /cheering for their favorite crazy dancer.

Prizes + Precursor Points.

Top 10: 1 Precursor Point(s) + 5 ectos + Rares
Final 3:  1 Precursor Point(s) + 2 exotics + Rares
Crazy Dance Champ:  2 Precursor Points + The Stacking Sigil Pack

These prize levels will be accumulative so the Crazy Dance Champ will end up with 4 precursor points, the Stacking Sigil Pack and a happy bunch of ectos, exotics and rares.

Total Prize Pool: 50 ecto, 50 rares, around 10g worth of sigils, 15 pre-points.
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