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Guild News / Info / Jade Reapers Teamspeak 3 Info
« on: July 31, 2012, 08:13:04 pm »
Please refer to this link.

Jade Reapers are sponsors of the Aurora Glade Community server since July 26th which means the JD server is also the AG server.

The data stays the same:

TS 3 Server:

You can download TS 3 at

If you want to directly join the Jade Reapers Channel when you connect you can do that by pressing

Connections -> Connect -> Input your nickname and server IP -> Press button more -> In the "Default Channel" box type the following "Guilds/Jade Reapers [JD]/Lobby" -> Connect to the server

You are all welcome to join!

General Chat / France , Paris
« on: July 31, 2012, 06:21:04 pm »
Hey guys,

Im going to france tomorrow morning.
I will stay there for bout 3 days.
Will be back at saturday ;)!

Guild News / Info / Intro and JD info
« on: July 30, 2012, 10:29:24 pm »
Hey guys,

Since we got our new website up and running we will have new members arriving soon.

Lets all introduce ourselfs again!

So people know who we are.

About me:
My name is Ben Stroeven.
I was born in the Netherlands at 14-7-1982 in the awesome town of Utrecht!
I have a lovely girlfriend and i hope to ask her hand soon :D
Got my own lovely appartment and a nice car and 3 Cats Mickey, Minnie and Figaro :D

Well now more about Jade Reapers and how it was created!

I created Jade Reapers bout 9 years ago.

Jade Reapers was created because our old friends guild SCW (south coast warriors) got to big and the name did not fit the guild and members anymore. Since nobody came from the south coast.. the name didnt fit anymore  :P

Jade  Reapers started as a Faction farm guild. Farming factions was our main goal and we did it only by doing Alliance Battles. Of course this was extremly hard but with hard work we still had around 700k Factions.

JD kept on growing and growing. At some point the guild was full and we had over 40 active members online at daily base.

The glory days of JD were with the FFF and HFFF period.
We created own alliance and owned all outposts in the game and joined the biggest alliance and then owned HZH for over a year.

  • JD was 1 of the best Faction guilds in the game with great Players.
  • JD owned Cavalon and HZH for some time in a alliance.
  • People wanted to join JD just to max there kurzick title.
  • JD was one of kind with a lot of events and huge parties!
  • Faction events were a complete succes and people donated over 200k a day just to win prizes :D
  • At 1 point JD had over 15mil factions solo as guild.
  • JD was loved by many and also cursed by many!

I hope that we can claim the same fame in GW 2 like we had in Guild wars.

Jade Reapers was and still is 1 of the best PVE guilds in the GAME! i dont wanna sound arrogant, but i just think we are!

We kicked ass! we owned! and we can still do it if we want to!

I want to thank everybody for all the fun we had in Guildwars! Everybody that helped made JD a TOP guild!

Thank you all for your help , support and devotion!

Love you all <3

Evil Bruticus.

(PS. Im sorry about the typing mistakes :D)

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