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General Chat / Zomerkriebels
« on: July 06, 2013, 11:18:58 am »
Hey guys im going to zomerkriebels festivals :)

If i am alive tomorrow... till then xD

for people on group app! ill send some pics and a nice video!

Laterz everyone and have a nice weekend!

Evil Bruticus.

7th Birthday Party - 2013! / Activity: Jade Reapers Trivia
« on: June 28, 2013, 10:25:29 am »
Jade Reapers Trivia,

Get your typing fingers and wiki rdy, use your labtop next to your PC, ask you friends to help you find the correct answer.

We have 24 Trivia Questions for you set up in 3 parts!
Some are hard and some are easy! Prepare yourself.

We have 20 Questions and 4 Bonus Questions.

20 questions are good for 1 Precursor point and other prizes like Rare's , Exotics etc.

4 questions are bonus questions and give 2 precursor points + Rare dye's prizes.(abyss dye, Celestial dye)

Before we start each question will we shout out wich answer will be correct.
It might be 1st,2nd,3rd,4th or 5th.
We do this to make it more fair and randomly!! So more people have a chance of winning!
Remember that we dont want any typing ERRORS.
100% Correct answer!

Goodluck to everyone and see you on Sunday.

Your hosts for this event are:

Evil Bruticus and Avisu

The hunt for the secret message!

8 people in townclothes are on a certain spot in divinity's reach.
They are all doing something funny or run around area's on the map.

Try to find them with hints! and make them to give you the secret word you need to get  the message completed.

When you think you found a player that might have words PM that player and say to him:


There are 12 words to get!

Sadly you wont get them in the right order.
You will have to put them in the right order and then when you have everything ready, you will have to send it to a certain person!

8 people in town clothes.
12 words
make the secret message complete!

First 10 players that do this get 2 points for the precursor + exotic prizes/.

The rest of the players that finish this in 30mins will get 1 point for the precursor + 1 ecto.

Get ready for The Hunt Of The Secret Message!

Rules for winning the precursor ZAP.

Hello everyone, as you may know on our Birthday Party we are giving away the precursor ZAP!


We will have several mini games at our party:

Costume Brawl tournaments.
Hide and Seek.
Scavenger hunt.
Best Dressed.
Cooking contest.
Dance contest.

With participating in the all the mini-games you can earn points!
The top 5 players with most points will be fighting together for the Precursor  Zap.
We will be giving out a lot of points for all mini-games and extra prizes!

Also a ranking list will be available for you online to check your current rank!


Jade Reapers Birthday party 2013

I want to welcome everybody from the aurora glade server and guests to the 7th Jade Reapers Birthday party.

Location: Divinity's Reach - Rurikton area. (Rurikton waypoint)
Date: Sunday 30 of June.
Time: 2 PM gmt +1 till 6 PM gmt +1

This is our first appearance in Guild wars 2 with our Birthday party!

This huge community event contains a lot of fun games and events which you can participate in!

We have a whole show for you all:

-   Costume brawl
-   Hide and seek.
-   Scavenger hunt.
-   Dance contests.
-   Best looking armor contest.
-   Trivia.
-   Cooking contest.
-   Snowball fights.
-   Firework shows.
-   Banquets.
-   Various mini games.

This year we want to do something special for everybody on the aurora glade server and our guests.

We all know Precursors are very expensive, so what did we come up with?
Yes, we are giving away the Precursor ZAP

>>How to win the precursor ZAP<<

It is the birthday party of the Jade Reapers but we will be the ones giving out gifts.

There will be so many prizes to win this year!

Here is a list of prizes:

- Exotic weapons/items.
- Exotic armor pieces.
- Exotic jewelry.
- Tiger charr backpacks.
- Quaggan backpacks.
- Rare dye’s.
- Rare weapons/items.
- Rare armor pieces.
- Ecto’s.
- Tier 6 Materials.
- Mini pets.

And much more!

I hope I will see you all at the Jade Reapers Birthday party, so pinpoint this date in your agenda!

See you soon!!

Best regards,

Evil Bruticus – Jade Reapers Leader.


Evil Bruticus.
Farn Al Bizz.

This community event is made possible by everybody from the Jade Reapers Guild.

Guild News / Info / Jade Reapers on Facebook and Twitter
« on: May 11, 2013, 05:15:43 pm »
Hey everybody,

Jade Reapers is active on Facebook! ->

and Twitter ->

Like/Follow us now

Hello Reapers,

This summer the Jade Reapers will be 7 years old!!!

We want to celebrate it with everybody on the Aurora Glade Server!

We will Advertise on Guildwars2 Guru , Guildwars 2 Facebookpage, Twitter, Youtube, wiki and trew our own website!

What do we need:

      -    Volunteers to help manage this event!

      -    Reapers with ideas for games and events.

      -    Sponsors (gold,items)

This will be a Community event for the Whole Aurora glade server.

Main prize will be a precursor weapon/item. (wich one will depend on the prices of precursors)

To give everybody a idea on how it was in the past:

There are some youtubes videos to check aswell.

Just Google Jade Reapers and a lot will come foward to check.

Everybody can sign up! Little bits count aswell!

Let me know ingame if you are interested and bring your ideas up on the forums!!!!!

Thanks Everyone!

Picture i still had of Guildwars :)

Screenshot / Movies / Media / Screenshots JD Bounty - 24-03-2012
« on: March 24, 2013, 08:51:01 am »

Screenshot / Movies / Media / For the justin bieber fans :D
« on: March 04, 2013, 05:20:08 pm »

Guild News / Info / Jade Reapers Donations towards the guild
« on: March 03, 2013, 04:21:45 pm »
Hello Everyone,

Jade Reapers is getting bigger and bigger.
We have 4 Community events per year.
This costs the guild a lot of time, gold etc.

We also need more influence to get all upgrades rdy for Guild missions, puzzles and more.

To do this we need your HELP!

Donation of gold are welcome, for Guild events, Event prizes, Community events and to buy influence!

You can also go to the Nafni the guild promoter

Even the little bits help! :D so plz help us gain more influence and more gold.

To make the Jade Reapers even bigger and you will be a part of it!


Thank you everyone.

Best Regards,

Evil Bruticus

Guild News / Info / Jade Reapers Harlem Shake friday evening 8 pm uk time
« on: February 14, 2013, 08:32:15 am »
Harlam Shake ! Friday evening 8 pm uk time!!


Plz try to be online it will only be for a few mins.

Thank you!

Guild News / Info / Guild event - Friday 1 feb.
« on: January 31, 2013, 10:17:45 am »
Hey guys,

Friday 1 feb. we will have a guild event and is for the guild only!

This event is special for all our precious members :)

so come on all it starts at 7:30 pm uk time so try to be online!

The location is still unknown :O

We will have a trivia with prizes!

Worst and best armor sets.

Snowball fights.

Guild banquet.

Dancing , booze , fun :D :D

After all the fun we will enter WVW and kick some ass!

JD ftw :)


Guild News / Info / Happy New Year
« on: December 31, 2012, 08:40:07 am »
Hello Reapers,

I want to wish you and your families a great and happy new year!!!!


Evil Bruticus.

(i know its early but tomorrow ill have a hangover and im dead :D)

Screenshot / Movies / Media / GANGNAM STYLE PART 2 :D
« on: December 23, 2012, 04:58:36 pm »

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