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General Chat / Avatar for instagram
« on: February 26, 2017, 07:56:26 pm »
Hi everyone,

I am looking for someone that can make me a avatar for a instagram account.
I will pay 500 gold to the person that makes a avatar.
Sent me a pm or ingame message :)

Jade Reapers Festival Board / Jade Reapers 10th birthday party
« on: June 01, 2016, 08:13:44 pm »
Jade Reapers is 10 years old!!! \o/

Celebrate 10 amazing years with us!
Participate in our events and mini games and win some of the awesome prizes
Over 6,000 gold in prizes are waiting for you!

Join us on July 10th 2016 in Lion’s Arch, EU Region!

How to win the legendary pistol Quip?
Surprise us and make something for the Jade Reapers. This can be anything like Video, Pictures, In game event or whatever you can think of to surprise us!
Once we review all submissions we will reward the author of the best gift with the legendary weapon Quip!
You can deliver your idea/item/video or whatever you make to before 3rd of July.

The winner will be announced at the 10th birthday party on the 10th of July!

More info check:

Check out our video :

Cya there o/!

Guild News / Info / Jade Reapers Weekly Lottery
« on: March 26, 2016, 08:56:54 am »
Hello Reapers,

Starting sunday 3 April we have weekly lottery.
Entry is 3 gold - 80% goes to the winner and 20% stays for future events.
I donated 15g to start the season off.
You can enter every week till saturday 0:00 We can see who donated 5 gold on the guildbank panel and that will be your entry.

Every sunday right after Guildmissions we will pick the winner.

Your name will be written down on a paper and everyone will be put in a box.
I will pick 1 out of the box and he will be the winner. I will even film this with my mobile and put the video on the forums :-)

Join in and have fun! we tried to keep the bar low and easy to enter with 3 gold.

Guild News / Info / Jade Reapers fun day
« on: March 18, 2016, 08:14:53 am »
Sunday 20 march will be Jade Reapers fun day!

3 major events between 1 and 4/5 pm CET and a guild party after the events!

Silverwastes full run - 0-100% , Breach, Vinewrath and full Lab run.

Auric basin full run and chests afterworths.

Dragon stand full run and pod run afterworths.

So if you want to join us 1 pm CET join in the fun!!!!

We will have giveaways on TS during the events :)!

Screenshot / Movies / Media / Daily funny comics
« on: March 09, 2016, 07:33:07 am »
Yoo wanna start this up! so enjoy :D

Guild News / Info / Jade Reapers Survey form - Summary
« on: March 07, 2016, 09:58:00 am »
Summary of the Jade Reapers Survey

I have just copied some lines and changed lines and not everything is added of course so keep that in mind while reading this.
Also read it seriously and read the end story I wrote. Thank you all for your efforts.

Here are some Quotes from the first question:

1: What do you think of the Jade Reapers:

-   Ever since I joined I always felt welcome.
-   Really nice and Social guild.
-   Great guild , It is my 2nd family.
-   Best guild I was ever part of.
-   Not just a guild, it’s a real community.
-   I think it is an ok guild. I find guildies for most of the activities, fractals, dailies, spvp. I like the        name of the guild and I prefer Lost Precipice over Guilded Hollow.
-   Good in general, but it can be bit quiet in chat.
-   Fun casual community that used to be more active (sadly). You can find help for most things but not much of activity the last months.
-   On the plus side, there are the guild missions, which are fantastically managed and supervised. I am not joking, I know there seem to be trouble with people following, but you would not want my experience where there were no guild missions simple because people failed to show up in numbers.
-   I love the guild on every point. I just don't like the fact that so many members are unactive in guild chat

Some positive quotes and negative quotes.

People truly like Jade Reapers, Still Jade Reapers is slowly changing if you read the answers of some people. Guildchat is dying and we have a lot of mute/solo players in the guild.
Teamspeak is always dead except on event days.
The thing is, people still like us the way we are.
We should not change who we are but we can all work together to make Guildchat more fun and to have more fun in the guild.
Improve the use of Teamspeak.
We are more than a guild we are a guild community and let’s try and keep on growing and improving.
You are also a part of this guild! It does not matter if you are a Member, Officer , Co-lead or leader. If we do not like how certain things go in the guild it is up to all of us to improve it.

2 How do you feel about the current officers and leader:

Here are some quotes again:

-   I like the leadership in general. People are friendly, helpful and laidback.
-   Top notch :)
-   I have not had a bad experience with any leaders, guild missions go smoothly.
-   Dont know too many, Tamo helps me a lot.
-   None of the officers seem to stand out.
-   I feel like brut doesnt wanna do events with newbies.
-   Can't complain, could do bigger events.
-   I think it should be pointed out who the officers are.
-   1 point of criticism, in rare occasions the personal needs are put above guildmembers.
-   They are willing to help to the extent they can, you can’t always demand help.
-   They're doing good, but I feel like they are ''just'' guildies instead of the actual leaders.
-   I like the current leaders, and I appreciate their dedication to the guild.
-   Except for the leaders, I don't hear much from the officiers.
-   They are doing a good job.
-   Really good just dont be so aggresive about representation guys.
-   They're nice and take the time to explain things.
-   Don’t like it how Brut loves to imprison person on GH Spawn WP.

Well this was refreshing . I will never aid noobs again! Nah, kidding.
One thing that I dislike is when Noobs are left out! In Jade Reapers we always take our new players into Fractals, Dungeons and on meta events so we can teach and help them.

Raids is a different story. You come prepared and read all information you can on raids if you do not do that you are useless for the entire team.

Leadership in general everybody likes us, we are ok , or they love us.
What points out… Members have no clue who the officers are?
this is very surprising since you can just go to the Guild schedule and see the names of the officers……. I am guessing that your point all is that they do not step out as an officer and this is something we can improve.

As for representing! We have 1 big rule, Represent JD for 100% exceptions made for personal guild banks. We are a big community and do not want to fall apart. 100% rep is needed for a big community guild.

Conclusion: Officers should step up out of the shadow. Host events and show themselves in guildchat/teamspeak.

3 What do you like or dislike of the Jade Reapers in game events:

I will make a short summary of what has been said by everyone.

People love the events we host. We put our time and efforts in it and people really appreciate it.
What do you all want more events.  Champion farm runs, SW, DT, AB, DS, TD etc etc.
We truly want to host more of those events. Sadly when we host them 12 people show included at least 4 officers. Do you have any idea what that does to us? We get demotivated. Why host events for 8 people that show up. Might as well just randomly go in AB and shout on GC.

If we organize stuff we do feel like that you join if you are online and not hide in pvp or other maps…
At the last 2 Guildparty hosted not many people showed up but the effort to make it costs us half a day. So sure more events! I would love to host 2-3 extra events every week but please show up and join in the fun.

Raids: I will be simple if you do not have the time, gear, gold to spend on food don’t join raids you let your whole team down. Be prepared get your gear in order, proper food and watch all possible movies of the foes we have to beat. If you do not agree with this then you simply do not understand why we ask this. I don’t mind if you are a uber noob in raids everybody has to learn but come prepared and we will teach you and you will get your raid kills and skills polished.
Guildmissions: I heard some complains about Guildmissions not going smooth… I hosted them last night and well no problem at all with it smooth and it was fun! I know I have not been to active myself on Guildmissions due to football every Sunday. I will try to more online during guildmissions so I hope that it will help.

Overal: I think all of us Leader, Co-lead, Officers want to host more events for all of you but if nobody cares to attend on these events then there is no point in hosting these events.
So if you want to keep up to date on our future events login on our website on daily base. On the frontpage at the left side you can see our events. Login TS more often and READ the message of the day.

4 Do you like our website/forums/Teamspeak? If not? How can we trigger you to use it more often?

Few small quotes:
-   I don't really use the website/forum.
-   Website looks good.
-   Website and forums are well designed.
-   TS is great, but more people should be online.
-   Admittedly I follow Facebook more than the website/forum because I find it a little underused.
-   To be honest I don't, I only used TeamSpeak in the party on the guild hall and during raids
-   I like to check the forum regularly, but there’s not a lot happening on it.
-   I rarely use these features

Simple said: People do not use any of the features or barely.
In all your replies, the website is nice/awesome/sexy/well designed but we do not use it.
TS3 is only used for Guildmissions, raids or when told to join TS3.
Guess it’s up to us to improve the forums make it easy to enter. Post more fun stuff, daily basis and trigger people to join us. Easier said than done.
Why should only Leaders and officers post items and wait for replies.
Members can make posts as well. Don’t wait for us and post fun things / builds / info w/e you like that’s what it’s for.

This one is good to combine with events. More events will be more use of forums/FB/TS3.

5 What do you feel/think of the current chat in the guild? For example is it to rude or to quiet? What can we do about it?

Here are some quotes:
-   Totally fine with guild chat
-   I feel very good about the chat - there is no rudeness, and sometimes it's hilarious to read.
-   I like the current guild chat, no complaints.
-   sometimes quiet, rude and too much perverse, some people like it, some hate it.
-   Maybe it's quiet because people party up.
-   Nice, could be more active.
-   The chat is really OK for me. Not too quiet or not too noisy and not rude.
-   It can be a bit quiet.
-   Regarding guild chat behavior, it is dealt with well.
-   It is to quiet, sometimes I barely get a reply on good morning. So I stopped with it.
-   Quiet during daytime.
-   Sometimes too quiet but that might be me, I tend to be too chatty
-   It's decent. I've found the chat quite friendly and helpful.
-   It's only too quiet when there is no regulars online.
-   It's ok not rude but again not so active the last months

Well as you can see lot of people think it is fine. But also a lot of people think guildchat is quiet.
I myself agree with the last group. Most of the times guildchat is dead. What bothers me most is that people can’t even say hello , good morning or goodnight anymore. In the survey a lot of people think the same way. Of course people can be busy but with 40 people or more online 1 or 2 saying hello.. it is just rude.

I hope we can do something about this and just all be polite in this matter. I don’t want to make it sound like a job. Think of yourself how you would want people to respond on your texts.
Best way to get this better is to look to into the mirror.
We are a community a family and for all the people shouting for more events? Sure fine but interact in guildchat and be polite to others.

Be active on the forums and help others out.
Our precious guild with all those members I cherish. Our proud guild is almost 10 years old! Let’s stick together and make it a blast to remember!

6 Is there anything you want to add or say about the Jade Reapers?

Here are some quotes:

-   I guess the only thing I have to say is ‘’keep up the good work’’
-   I love being part of it and I would love to see it grow even more.
-   I think the guild has great potential, I have met awesome people.
-   The guild is well managed. Little quiet sometimes.
-   It’s great to be part of JD.
-   More events, Tarir,Teq, etc.
-   Viva la Jade Reapers!
-   Best guild I have been with. Wouldn’t want to leave it for any other guild.
-   It's healthy to check on the status of your guild and I think it’s great you're self-aware enough to do that.
-   It's a good guild, this survey is a good example of how the team want to continually improve it

In the end there was a lot of positive feedback. Thank you for that.
This survey is here because I was not satisfied on how Jade Reapers was operating in the open.
I was not happy with many things, such as guildchats, forums/TS3/FB and events.

Thank you all for filling in this survey form. It was refreshing and very helpful.
I was actually thinking in July 10 years old good time to stop with Jade Reapers.
This survey gave me new battery and new energy! I want to make this guild with you all even better.
We have the member material to do so. We have a bunch of lovely active members and Jade Reapers would not be the same without you all.
There for there is a lot to do now and I still have plenty of extra time which I am willing to invest into Jade Reapers.

If you have anything to add do some in a reply.

Thank you all for filling in the survey and I hope you enjoyed the summary.

Guild News / Info / Jade Reapers survey form
« on: February 22, 2016, 06:18:05 pm »
Jade Reapers guild survey:

Hello Reapers,
I want to hold a survey among our members and see if they still like it in the Guild and if we should change something in the guild.
If you do not respond to this Survey that means you do not really feel attached to the Jade Reapers and do not want to be a part of our community.

We want to build a stable and active community with members that want to  be in the Jade Reapers guild for its content, community and players. Have fun together and do stuff together such as *parties, Events, Raids, Guildmissions, Lottery*

Make sure you read the code of conduct.
Active on Guildchat is so important.
If you are never active in guildchat or active at all? Why join?

Use Teamspeak for dungeons/Fractals/Raids/Guildmissions/World events/Community & Guild Events.
We have a website and its costs us quite some REAL MONEY.
Make an account a use it. Ask information or give information, we would gladly help you with solving your problems.

Last but not least: When we host events or guildmissions or what so ever.
Listen to the people that organize it. In the future if you do not listen you will get warnings and the watching you rank way sooner, then it’s up to you to chance your attitude towards the guild to promote to member again.
This all said here are the survey questions and please answer fair and be serious about it.

Thank you for your time and effort.

Best regards,

Evil Bruticus


Jade Reapers Festival Board / Jade Reapers : Winter Wonder Festival
« on: December 24, 2015, 07:59:00 am »

Hello everyone,

Jade Reapers will be hosting same as last year Winter Wonder Festival.

27th of december.
2:30 pm – 6:00 pm CET.
Divinity’s Reach – EU.

Join in the fun! We are hosting several mini games and give away awesome prizes!

Main prizes: Precursor Storm and Howl.

Just check out for all the info you need!

Happy Holidays and see you soon!

Guild News / Info / Jade Reapers Raid teams
« on: November 27, 2015, 07:52:41 am »
Raiding Heads Up starting at 4 december


Raids have come to GW2!

Ok, so we realise there is some interest in the new raiding content and we would like, in some way, to structure guild raiding so that all (or as many as possible) can enjoy

We thought it best to therefore provide a quick "Heads Up" of what will be expected if you wish to participate.

Be under no illusion, raiding is the most challenging content seen in GW2 to date and it will not be for all. There is a certain amount of discipline required for successful raiding, so whilst not wanting to sound too regimented, it’s probably best to lay down some ground rules so that all are on the same wavelength.


Firstly, you will need patience! Many bosses will require 10 hours+ practice before meaningful progress is made. Come with a smile ;D

Secondly, you will need to know your class. Know its specific builds and understand your role within the team. There is no room for leeching!

Finally, be prepared - Watch vids, read tactics and gather as much information as possible to ensure a smooth run.

Ok; so hopefully the info below will help everyone have fun. Feel free to comment and/or provide feedback or discuss with an officer if you have any issues/ideas

Raid Days

Raid days are to be - Friday

The idea is that we try and form 2-3 raid groups.

There will be a designated Raid Leader (RL). Teams will be balanced to ensure some more experienced members (i.e. perhaps those with previous kills) are in each group whilst trying to keep good composition.

Please understand that raids are only formed of 10 people so unfortunately not all will necessarily be able to join. However, we will endeavour to form as many viable groups as possible.

Please be patient with raid team selection and don’t get emo :'( if not in the raid.

Raid Times

Raid times are to be - 20:00 to 22:00 CET

It will be expected that you are prepared and ready to go on time and have set aside 2 hours for the full raid as it will make it very difficult if we have to keep swapping out people.

If the RL permits and the rest of the team are happy, then the time might be extended, but no one will be obligated to stay. The RL will also call it as deemed fit as it can be counterproductive to go on too long or if hitting your head against a brick wall :P

Team Speak/Communication

We consider Team Speak a specific requirement for raiding. Communication is key to raid progress.

Be prepared to listen to the RL and take on board the tactics provided. Feel free to offer ideas etc. but try and keep the channel open as far as practical. If talking, keep it brief and concise and use push to talk ;)

A mic is not a prerequisite, but will help.

The raid will be formed as a squad and potentially sub grouped. Use /d to chat in squad and /p for party/sub group. Again keep it brief and concise. Use /squadjoin [raidleader] to join a raid.

Link for TS:


Ok, so this can be a tricky one as it can be an emotive subject. However, please understand that this is not an elitist thing but unfortunately the fact is that without a certain level of gear the raid will not be successful.

It is expected that your character is nearing full ascended geared.

As a minimum, ensure all your trinkets and preferably weapons are ascended as this can bring around a 10% boost over exotic. Work on armour last as this will only add around another 2%.

Certain masteries may improve or even be required for some encounters - the first boss encounter benefits from blazing speed mushroom and the second requires Updraft use, for example. Be sure to have that mastery unlocked!

Optimise Builds

Investigate the appropriate and optimal build for your role within the raid and consider specifics to the boss encounter. You will need to min/max so be prepared to re-forge gear, get new sigils/runes and have alternative trinkets or even alts you might want to call upon!

Use websites such as Metabattle:

Early bosses within Spirit Vale (certainly the first) loosely require a raid composition of one tank, 1 healer/support and 8 dps (of which some will be condi)

Fulfil the role to which you are assigned i.e. if dps - go full out dps. Generally speaking, don’t go half way or decide to change role without the RL knowing!


Bring with you all the food/oil/stones etc. you will need for the duration of the raid. Try not to skimp on cheap stuff if possible! Investigate which are optimal for your class and role.

RL will bring any specific food if required for specific encounters and/or banners if it helps.


Read up on tactics and watch vids for the bosses you are likely to encounter. Do not expect the RL to hold your hand and discuss every minor detail of the encounter. Specifically, ensure you are aware of your duty and any tricks/tips that will help optimise your role.

Check our website for updates and posts for bosses/encounters:

>> Raid Guide: Spirit Vale Bosses  << - (for example)


Finally, some simple bullet points for general etiquette:

•   Be prepared and ready on time
•   Listen to RL
•   Keep TS channel open and use push to talk
•   Don’t AFK unannounced
•   Keep AFK to a minimum - RL will call bio breaks!
•   Be patient and polite
•   Help others

Have fun! ;D

POST made by Papalazza thanks bud!

Guild News / Info / Jade Reapers Birthday party 2015
« on: June 19, 2015, 07:36:09 am »
Hello Reapers,

The Jade Reapers Birthday party is getting closer and closer.
This big community event costs a lot of energy!

So who wants to help us organize this event and help out with games.

We need 2-3 volunteers to help out with the party!

Post a reply here or contact me ingame!

Thanks o/

Guild News / Info / Guild Teamspeak meeting friday 6 march Summary
« on: March 08, 2015, 09:00:29 am »
Good morning Reapers,

Friday we had our first open meeting about the future path the guild must take.
So here is summary of the things we talked about on Teamspeak.

We will start hosting more ingame events!
Like, 1 times per week a Guildspawn of TEQ and Karka.
Silverwastes and Drytop T5 maps.
Exploration events.
And more is planned for the future like Lottery, JP Event, Etc.

WVW: More Guild WvW Raids. First raid will be Friday 13th of March 8:30 CET.
These Guild Raids will be better planned so people can prepare.

PVP: Plan is to get our own permanent JD PvP Server.
We need some donations (in gold for this) to happen.
This means we will set up 1on1 , 2on2, and Huge Guildgroups in tournament style.
So we can improve our skills.

Teamspeak and forums:
I think everybody will agree that our TS is mostly dead except on Guildmissions.
If we do all these events together we will have to use TS more often. This will bring us together as a guild and you will easily make new friends!
You can also here Bruticus sing once in a while (not sure if this is awesome or deadly for our hearing..)
The full event schedule will be on the forums.
We will set it up that you will have to login to see the schedule.
When the schedule is up we will remove all event info from the message of the day page.

If you have anything to add please do!

Best regards,

Team Jade Reapers

Halloween Party 2014! / [INFO] Jade Reapers Halloween Party 2014
« on: October 21, 2014, 10:00:51 pm »
When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
‘tis near Halloween.

Jade Reapers Halloween party is coming closer!

When: 25th of October.
Where: Lions Arch.
Time: 9:00 PM GMT +1
Waypoint: Still a secret :o

We have a lot of new games for you!
In the end its all about having fun with the Guild Wars 2 Community!

We have Competitive games like:

- Monster Race
- Halloween Scavenger hunt
- Tyria’s Got Talent
- Living Statues Contest

Also Games for everyone like:

- Costume Brawl , Dead or King
- Evil Bruticus doesn’t say
- Costume Competition, Reveal your inner Beast!

This is what we have planned for you!

Of course there are a lot of awesome prizes to win!
As every year we will give out a precursor!
So get ready for a awesome halloween party!

Hope to see you in Lions arch!

With your hosts:

Uthar whitespear
Evil Bruticus

Hello  everyone,

Read this and use it for our JD Birthday party trivia.

This is a story about Jade Reapers: How / When was the guild created and what was our main goal.
Jade Reapers was founded in July 2006.

Jade Reapers was created out of a small friends guild named: South Coast Warriors [SCW].
 We started with a few friends, we all played Black Hawk Down with our clan SCW.
So it was obviously that the guilds name would become SCW.

After a while my friends stopped playing and I was left alone with  tons of new friends in our guild.
That’s when I took a drastic decision. Lets change our guild name! No lets change everything!
New Name, New Logo , Website.
We were in for a big change.
Problem was at that point as SCW we had 600.000 Faction points. This was at the beginning of factions. So we had these points only threw Alliance Battles. We all knew how long it took to get into Alliance Battles as Kurzick back then..

At that point we were in a BIG alliance which hold a outpost on the kurzick side.
The Alliance leader was very disappointed that we were going to restart.

I promised him that our new guild The Jade Reapers will have factions in no time.
Sadly he didn’t believe me… We left / got  kicked.

Renamed our guild and invited all old members of SCW.
Of course we lost a few members on the way.. but 2 weeks later.. we were already on the same amount of factions as when we disbanded our old guild.
The alliance leader wanted us back in of course.. which I happily declined  .
We kept on growing and growing not only in factions but also in numbers.

This is were everything started for the Jade Reapers.
Few months later our guild was full with 99/100 members.
Our factions points crossed the 1million boarder line.

We all know what happened next. Hero Fast Faction Farm.
This should be seen as Jade Reapers best years in Guild Wars 1.
Jade Reapers had House Zu Heltzer for months in a strong alliance.
We even started our Own alliance and got to House Zu Heltzer.
Our Factions points were at that point over 12million.
Then it was time for a change.

Our members farmed so much Kurzick factions points…
Jade Reapers turned towards the Luxon side.
We did this just so our members could get there luxon faction Title.
Sadly we lost over 20-30 members doing this.
But within weeks we were in the Cavalon alliance.
I must admit we never felt at home.. with a guild as ANY…
This guild always gave us a hard time...

So we did what we had to do farm points and move on.
As soon as we all had our max titles we moved back to the Kurzick side.
Old members re-joined us and we restated back into the kurzick society .

DSC we all remember that right? Drazach speed clear.
We started again with full JD teams with 8 players.
80k factions per run!
At some point DSC was nerfed, like most of the things in Guild wars.

We already knew Guild wars 2 was on its way.
So we started laidback and helping people to get there Hall of monuments full.
Waiting  for what is coming and what we are enjoying so much right now Guild wars 2!
Best regards,

Evil Bruticus  - Jade Reapers Leader -

Jade Reapers in guild wars 2?

Jade Reapers birthday party is getting closer and closer…

What is there to tell about us in guild wars 2?
Please let me know how you think of us post it on our forums or Facebook before our birthday party starts.
Don’t forget to add your gw 2 account name or ingame name on FB or our forums.
Please use more then a few words !

If you think we suck! Say it? Maybe we can do something about it!

The person with the most fun story wins a awesome surprise at our birthday party!

Party time : 3 pm gmt+1 at Rata sum – Incubation lad waypoint.

Best regards,

Evil Bruticus - Jade Reapers Leader -

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