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Title: [ACCEPTED] Dimitrensen
Post by: Dimitrensen on September 30, 2018, 01:49:08 pm
Name: Dimitrensen
Country: Denmark
Age: 28

On what server do you play: Aurora Glade

How often do you play:
 Weekends, plus a few times during the week.

What do you enjoy doing in gw2:
I enjoy WvW the most, crowded battles and strategy! Also some occasional PvE fun to get some top notch equipment (Raids, Fractals).

Why do you want to join JD:
It is one of the guilds I saw running around since I started the game in 2012 and I like the semi-hardcore style that it possesses.

Previous guild/s: UNITY, WTNF
Do you have Discord: Yes

About me:
I just finished my army service in the Danish royal guard, I am originally from Greece though, am overly social and enjoy talking with all types of people.

I will be a student from February. I enjoy partying and working out

Are you aware that Jade Reapers require 100% representation?

Rainsoul Mourmoune, friend