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Title: [Raid] Guide: Salvation Pass Bosses
Post by: Juuha on March 09, 2016, 07:10:50 PM
This will get updated as we get more info

Slothasor (boss #1)

Comprehensive written guide by [MOB] - Scroll down to the Salvation Pass section (http://disorganized-crime.com/forums/m/35566974/viewthread/26159200-comprehensive-raid-guide)
Video guide by Brazil - http://youtu.be/hKBJdICQZvQ


Bandit trio ("boss" #2)

Written guide by Dulfy - http://dulfy.net/2016/03/22/gw2-bandit-trio-salvation-pass-raid-guide/
Video guide by Woodenpotatoes - https://youtu.be/CerdnVazVks


Matthias Gabrel (boss #3)

Written guide by [ROID] - https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/49xbm7/matthias_guide_spoilers/ (http://)
Video guide by Brazil - https://youtu.be/diXEYJNW4KQ


Kill videos:
Slothasor kill by [Apex] - https://youtu.be/CaFHmsBHwe4
Slothasor kill by [Gc] - https://youtu.be/vmCvuFSnsBg

Matthias kill by [ROID] -  https://youtu.be/vmqnbbkZ5h0
Matthias kill by [Apex] -  https://youtu.be/v066ds_gsHA
Title: Re: [Raid] Guide: Salvation Pass Bosses
Post by: Bruticus on March 09, 2016, 09:04:00 PM
Aah finally someone posted it!!!! after asking few times thanks!
Title: Re: [Raid] Guide: Salvation Pass Bosses
Post by: Darius on May 27, 2017, 12:04:23 PM
On the topic of Raids, I used to have a Raid fullygear druid healer but as my last guild de-solved I found myself changing my attributes and traits back to Ranger to increase my DPS but if you guys need a Raid Druid healer I can easily switch my gear back to keepers, all id need to do is a few dungeon runs to get those Driud runes again as I don't think I have them anymore.

My Raid experiance is quite limited as I spent most of my time grinding the new areas and only filling in as healer when our designated healer was away.

Please let me know if your in need of a Raid Healer and il begin changing Orangi (Ranger) for said roll.