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Title: Guild Teamspeak meeting friday 6 march Summary
Post by: Bruticus on March 08, 2015, 09:00:29 am
Good morning Reapers,

Friday we had our first open meeting about the future path the guild must take.
So here is summary of the things we talked about on Teamspeak.

We will start hosting more ingame events!
Like, 1 times per week a Guildspawn of TEQ and Karka.
Silverwastes and Drytop T5 maps.
Exploration events.
And more is planned for the future like Lottery, JP Event, Etc.

WVW: More Guild WvW Raids. First raid will be Friday 13th of March 8:30 CET.
These Guild Raids will be better planned so people can prepare.

PVP: Plan is to get our own permanent JD PvP Server.
We need some donations (in gold for this) to happen.
This means we will set up 1on1 , 2on2, and Huge Guildgroups in tournament style.
So we can improve our skills.

Teamspeak and forums:
I think everybody will agree that our TS is mostly dead except on Guildmissions.
If we do all these events together we will have to use TS more often. This will bring us together as a guild and you will easily make new friends!
You can also here Bruticus sing once in a while (not sure if this is awesome or deadly for our hearing..)
The full event schedule will be on the forums.
We will set it up that you will have to login to see the schedule.
When the schedule is up we will remove all event info from the message of the day page.

If you have anything to add please do!

Best regards,

Team Jade Reapers
Title: Re: Guild Teamspeak meeting friday 6 march Summary
Post by: Evans on March 12, 2015, 09:12:50 am
Loving the changes and the event schedule on the homepage!

I've been commanding in Silverwastes a lot now so when you're hosting that event count me in. Of course I'll join in on all the events whenever my social life allows it  ;) I'd love to finally get some experience in PvP.

Good job JD  ;D